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Laelia, the Blade Reforged - Exile EDH Deck (Custom 100 Card Commander Deck)

Complete 100 card deck & sleeves, 1 in stock
  • Description

    This listing is for a complete 100 card custom EDH deck featuring Laelia, the Blade Reforged as its Commander. You will also receive 100 complimentary sleeves to protect the cards! This deck is fully competitive and ready to be played right out of the box, but of course part of the fun is continuing to tweak the deck to your own personal taste yourself! Shipping to the US is FREE and will arrive via USPS Priority Mail.

    Laelia has a unique combination of abilities that lets us play aggro in Commander! It turns out that it's very easy to exile cards from your library and/or your graveyard...so we've built a deck full of it! You'll be surprised just how fast Laelia can grow to 21/21, which is very easy to win the game with a 3-mana Commander. Some of our exile effects are cheap, such as artifacts that just get to exile a card every turn or various Delve spells, but a ton of them use the same exile from library mechanic as Laelia, effectively letting us draw tons of extra cards every turn. It's an aggro deck that draws more cards than most other decks!

    The exact 100 card decklist that you will receive is listed below and displayed in the images. All of the cards will be authentic English Magic: the Gathering cards, with a mix of Near Mint and Lightly Played conditions. Please keep in mind that for cards with multiple printings, you may receive different versions than pictured depending on which versions are currently available in our inventory.

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    Laelia, the Blade Reforged Commander Decklist:

    Laelia, the Blade Reforged

    Conspiracy Theorist

    Valakut Exploration

    Magmatic Channeler

    Furious Rise

    Etali, Primal Storm

    Throes of Chaos

    Chandra, Fire Artisan

    Outpost Siege

    Bomat Courier

    Vance's Blasting Cannons

    Prophetic Flamespeaker

    Grim Lavamancer

    Izzet Chemister

    Stromkirk Occultist

    Wildfire Devils

    Chaos Harlequin

    Tuskeri Firewalker

    Dark-Dweller Oracle


    Oracle's Vault

    Bag of Holding

    Omen Machine

    Mimic Vat

    Possibility Storm

    Chandra, Heart of Fire

    Chandra, Pyromaster

    Light up the Stage

    Ignite the Future

    Commune with Lava

    Faithless Looting

    Abbot of Keral Keep

    Aurora Phoenix

    Combustible Gearhulk

    Hoarding Dragon

    Magmatic Sinkhole

    Harvest Pyre

    Spark of Creativity

    Act on Impulse

    Draconic Intervention

    Strata Scythe

    Meteoric Mace

    Vault Robber

    Relic of Progenitus

    Scrabbling Claws

    Pyxis of Pandemonium

    Soul-Guide Lantern

    Loxodon Warhammer

    Temur Battle Rage

    Fists of Flame

    Crash Through

    Key to the City

    Tenza, Godo's Maul

    Footfall Crater

    Runaway Steam-Kin

    Kazuul's Fury

    Fire Diamond

    Mind Stone

    Forgotten Cave

    Spinerock Knoll

    Hostile Desert

    Myriad Landscape

    Opal Palace

    37 Mountain