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Ramos, Dragon Engine - 5 Color EDH Deck (Custom 100 Card Commander Deck)

Complete 100 card deck & sleeves, 0 in stock
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    This listing is for a complete 100 card custom EDH deck featuring Ramos, Dragon Engine as its Commander. You will also receive 100 complimentary sleeves to protect the cards! This deck is fully competitive right out of the box, or it can be used as a great starting point to upgrade! Shipping to the US is FREE and will arrive via USPS Priority Mail.

    Ramos, Dragon Engine is simply an awesome Commander and a very good reason to play a 5 color deck. We've built the deck entirely around the ability for Ramos to generate additional mana - just take a look at the images of the deck and see how many colored mana symbols we're packing! We've also embraced the philosophy of playing a ton of instants, which is the best way to get around Ramos' "drawback" of only being used once per turn. If 10 mana isn't enough to get the job done, 20, 30 or 40 mana probably will be!

    When you have access to 5 colors of mana, you have no shortage of powerful spells to play. This deck is incredibly fun to play since it packs a combination of cards that just have incredibly high raw power, and then weird charms that you'll have to read to remember all of their modes. You can often just win a controlling game where your cards line up well against whatever your opponents are doing, but your real gameplan is simply to stick Ramos and quickly win from there. There are several cards that provide protection to keep Ramos in play, since if you ever get to untap (or have enough mana to activate the mana ability immediately) it should usually spell victory.

    When you are able to generate mana from Ramos, you should be able to play plenty of multicolored card draw, which will then in turn be generating mana. If all of the extra cards and mana can't win the game themselves, Ramos will simply grow to be 21/21 or larger and can kill opponents in a single swing!

    Besides all of the sweet multicolored spells, we've included a healthy portion of ramp, since our Commander costs 6 mana and many of our bomb spells can be expensive as well. This has the added bonus of helping color fix the mana of our 5 color deck.

    The exact 100 card decklist that you will receive is listed below and displayed in the images. All of the cards will be authentic English Magic: the Gathering cards, with a mix of Near Mint and Lightly Played conditions. Please keep in mind that for cards with multiple printings, you may receive different versions than pictured depending on which versions were available in our inventory when we built this deck.

    If you want to consider purchasing some additional cards to upgrade the deck, check out our singles inventory! 

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    Ramos, Dragon Engine Decklist:

    Ramos, Dragon Engine

    Simic Charm

    Rakdos Charm

    Temur Charm

    Esper Charm

    Winding Constrictor


    Dovin's Veto

    Maelstrom Nexus

    Crackling Doom

    Niv-Mizzet Reborn

    Golgari Charm

    Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty

    Mardu Charm

    Dromar's Charm

    Abzan Charm

    Urban Evolution

    Sylvan Reclamation

    Debt to the Deathless


    Growth Spiral

    Utter End


    Crosis's Charm

    Cruel Ultimatum

    Villainous Wealth

    Trap Essence

    Jodah, Archmage Eternal

    Boros Charm

    Azorius Charm

    Sultai Charm

    Rashmi, Eternities Crafter

    All Suns' Dawn

    Corpsejack Menace

    Time Wipe

    Inspired Ultimatum

    Bant Charm

    Izzet Charm

    Selesnya Charm

    Jeskai Charm

    Naya Charm


    Jund Charm

    Sphinx's Revelation

    Treva's Charm

    Casualties of War


    Grixis Charm

    Rith's Charm


    Darksteel Ingot

    Prismatic Geoscope

    Tome of the Guildpact

    Kodama's Reach

    Arcane Signet

    Rampant Growth

    Vastwood Surge

    Migration Path

    Circuitous Route

    Coalition Relic

    Trace of Abundance

    Explosive Vegetation

    Epic Experiment

    Nomad Outpost

    Sandsteppe Citadel

    Savage Lands

    Seaside Citadel

    Arcane Sanctum

    Opulent Palace

    Crumbling Necropolis

    Jungle Shrine

    Frontier Bivouac

    Mystic Monastery

    Vivid Grove

    Vivid Crag

    Vivid Meadow

    Vivid Marsh

    Vivid Creek

    Ash Barrens

    Exotic Orchard

    Evolving Wilds

    Terramorphic Expanse

    Path of Ancestry

    Command Tower

    Mirrodin's Core

    7 Forest
    2 Island
    2 Plains
    2 Mountain
    2 Swamp


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