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Arcades, the Strategist - Wall EDH Deck (Custom 100 Card Commander Deck)

Complete 100 card deck & sleeves, 2 in stock
  • Description

    This listing is for a complete 100 card custom EDH deck featuring Arcades, the Strategist as its Commander. You will also receive 100 complimentary sleeves to protect the cards! Shipping to the US is FREE and will arrive via USPS Priority Mail.

    Walls are one of Magic's most iconic creature types, but Arcades takes their glaring weakness and turns it into a huge advantage. Not only do we get to draw extra cards with every creature we cast, they are all super cheap and essentially act as huge aggressive creatures. Some creatures like Overgrown Battlement, Stalwart Shield-Bearers, and Axebane Guardian give us even more advantages for playing a Defender strategy. We also get to turn some otherwise mediocre cards like Tower Defense, Bar the Door, and Solidarity and turn them into cheap mega-Overruns. Your opponents will underestimate your Wall army and find themselves dying out of nowhere to one of these!

    We can also take advantage of the fact that we're built around creatures with no power (and that don't care about power). Cards like Meishin, the Mind Cage, Solar Tide, and Slaughter the Strong give us overpowered one-sided board wipes or lockouts. Creatures like Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa and Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive make it very easy to finish the game.

    Finally, we can take even further advantage of Arcades' card draw ability, since it triggers every time a creature enters the battlefield, not just when they are cast. Cards like Eerie Interlude and Semester's End play double duty at protecting our team from an opposing board wipe, and drawing us a ton of extra cards when the creatures come back. Teferi's Ageless Insight does a lot of heavy lifting at letting us "go off" as well.

    To round out the deck, we've included several 2-mana ramp cards, since casting Arcades on turn 3 makes the gameplan come online so much faster.

    The exact 100 card decklist that you will receive is listed below and displayed in the images. All of the cards will be authentic English Magic: the Gathering cards, with a mix of Near Mint and Lightly Played conditions. Please keep in mind that for cards with multiple printings, you may receive different versions than pictured depending on which versions were available in our inventory when we built this deck.

    If you want to consider purchasing some additional cards to upgrade the deck, check out our singles inventory! 

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    Arcades, the Strategist Decklist:

    Arcades, the Strategist

    Bar the Door

    Arcane Signet

    Portcullis Vine

    Wall of Denial

    Tower Defense

    Simic Signet

    Wall of Tanglecord

    Saruli Caretaker

    Resolute Watchdog

    Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa

    Growth Spiral

    Traproot Kami

    Steel Wall

    Semester's End

    Jungle Barrier

    Selesnya Signet

    Wall of Omens

    Mnemonic Wall

    Dusk // Dawn

    Jeskai Barricade

    Solar Tide

    Azorius Signet

    Angelic Wall

    Return to the Ranks

    Drift of Phantasms

    Gatecreeper Vine

    Eerie Interlude

    The Birth of Meletis

    Stalwart Shield-Bearers

    Wall of Runes

    Wall of Blossoms

    Axebane Guardian

    Overgrown Battlement

    Hover Barrier

    Wall of Ice

    Urban Evolution

    Slaughter the Strong

    Wall of Vines

    Suspicious Bookcase

    Meishin, the Mind Cage

    Aegis of the Heavens

    Sylvan Caryatid


    Teferi's Ageless Insight

    Wall of Roots

    Slagwurm Armor

    Wall of Hope

    Carven Caryatid

    Rampant Growth

    Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive

    Riptide Turtle

    Talisman of Curiosity

    Vine Trellis

    Jaddi Offshoot

    Wall of Mulch

    Sunscape Familiar

    Glacial Wall

    Wall of Frost

    Crashing Drawbridge

    Thriving Isle

    Krosan Verge

    Graypelt Refuge

    Thriving Heath

    Thriving Grove

    Thornwood Falls

    Azorius Guildgate

    Tranquil Cove

    Command Tower

    Azorius Chancery

    Irrigated Farmland

    Terramorphic Expanse

    Yavimaya Coast

    Blossoming Sands

    Selesnya Guildgate

    Simic Growth Chamber

    Selesnya Sanctuary

    Evolving Wilds

    Woodland Stream

    Temple of Mystery

    Simic Guildgate

    Temple of Enlightenment

    Sejiri Refuge

    6 Forest
    6 Plains
    5 Island